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Zhang Sizhi (张思之)

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Zhang is a senior advisor of Beijing Wu Luan Zhaop Yan Attorneys at Law, an Honorary Director-general Beijing Impact Law Firm, an advisor in Constitution and Human Rights Profession Committee in All China Lawyers Association and a part-time Professor in Law School of The Central University of Finance And Economics. He passed the exams for Chaoyang University Law department in 1947. In 1950, he finished "Moscow University Law Department's main courses" with distinction at the Renmin University of China. He was labeled a rightist in 1957 and began twenty years of re-education and worked in the countryside for 15 years.

In July 1979, Zhang returned as a lawyer. In 1988, he founded a magazine "China Lawyers". The Heinrich Böll Foundation has awarded Zhang with the 2008 Petra Kelly Prize for the contribution to protect human rights and build national and lawyer system in China. Zhang is known among Chinese lawyers as "the conscience of lawyers".



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2006: Nie Shubin Case: Nie was executed for the rape and murder of Kang Juhua (康菊花), a woman in her thirties. ten years after the execution, another person admitted the murder.

2003: Zheng Enchong Case: Zheng was in prison for his advocacy on behalf of citizens who had been forcibly evicted from their homes. The charge stemmed from two faxes Zheng was alleged to have sent to the New York-based organisation Human Rights in China concerning workers' protests.

1995: Wei Jingsheng Case: a Chinese human rights activist authored the essay, Fifth Modernization, which was posted on the "Democracy Wall" in Beijing in 1978. Because of the manifesto, Wei was arrested and convicted of "counterrevolutionary" activities, and was detained as a political prisoner from 1979 to 1993Released briefly in 1993, Wei continued with his dissident activities by speaking to visiting journalists, and was imprisoned again from 1994 to 1997 — spending a total of 18 years in different prisons.

1994: Gao Yu Case: A Chinese journalist Gao was arrested in 1989, after the Tiananmen Square protests. After few years, she was arrested again and being accused of having "published state secrets".

1991:Wang Juntao Cases: Wang was arrested in late 1989 for their involvement in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests.

1981:Li Zuo Peng about the Gang of Four and Lin Biao's generals Case