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Zheng Jianwei (郑建伟)

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Shapingba District, Chong Qing City


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Zheng works at Chongqing Kings Law Firm. He graduated from Southwest University of Political Science and Law in 1992 and passed the National Judicial Examination in 1993. He has previously worked for Chongqing Tianze Law Firm, Chongqing Chunhong Law Firm, Chongqing Yonghe Law Firm and Sichuan Lianyi Law Firm – Chongqi Branch. Along the years, he devoted lots of time and effort to investigating various topics, including labour issues, retired soldiers, industrial reform, land-requisition peasants, relocated city households, petitioners rights and human rights action plans.


In recent years, Zheng focused on studying measures to fight illegal detention in the course of relocation of households, such as utilizing criminals laws as means of negotiation, and deal with reeducation through labour. He also spent time on figuring out the feasible means of incorporating national treaties on human rights into the judiciary in PRC, making it a groundwork for legal verdicts.



Labour, relocation of city households, land-requisition peasants, traffic accidents and personal injuries


Cases handled

2010 Yi Yuan Lao Jiao case