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Zhang Jiankang (张鉴康)

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License Suspended


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Xian, Shaanxi Province



Since Zhang Jiankang officially began practice in 1993, he has continually participated in and legally promoted rights defense and democracy movements. However, he has continually suffered the oppression of officials from Xian and the Public Security Bureau. At the end of 1998, because he tried to rescue dissidents and democratic party figures who had been captured, Zhang Jiankang was forced to stop handling cases for two years.

In 2002, lawyer Zhang participated in the reorganization of Shaanxi Diyi Law Firm and became a top partner at the firm.

In October 2005, he defended the legal rights of lawyer Gao Zhicheng at a Xian meeting, where he and Guo Guoting jointly signed an open letter on behalf of believers of liberty to the National People’s Congress and chairman Hu Jintao and premier Wen Jiabao. That same year, Shaanxi legal authorities used high-pressure tactics to kick him out of the rank of partner at his law firm. After this, lawyer Zhang was continually unable to pass the yearly lawyer re-licensing examination.

After the Tibet riots of March 14, 2008, Zhang Jiankang was the only lawyer who provided voluntary legal services to Tibetans involved. That same year, lawyer Zhang and 14 other legal workers jointly published a statement condemning the Ministry of Civil Affairs’ prohibition on Chinese house churches and their activities. Until May, lawyer Zhang was threatened with having his lawyer’s license suspended. The same year he signed Charter ’08, and was in fact part of the first group of people that signed it. As a result, during a gathering of family and friends he was taken away, his house was searched, and his possessions were confiscated.



Human rights cases


Cases Handled

2006: South China Sea extortion and blackmail case

2006: Shandong Linyi prefecture villager rights defense case