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Yan Ruyu (阎如玉)

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She graduated from Beijing Law Sparetime University, obtained attorney's qualification in 1988, started practicing in 1992 and worked in Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and Beijing Lawyers Association for 14 years. She is currently working in Beijing Wu Luan Zhaop Yan Attorneys at Law and Crimincal Law Profession Committee member in Beijing Lawyers Association.



Contract, Business Investment, Telecommunication, Criminal Defence


Cases Handled

2003 He Depu Case:

He Depu was accused of posting essays on the Internet that "incited subversion." He was one of the 192 signatories of an open letter to the Sixteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China in November 2002.On 4 November 2002, he was arrested, and received an eight-year sentence for dissident activity on the Internet on 6 November 2003.