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Wei Liangyue (韦良月)

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Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province


Current Situation

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Lawyer Wei graduated from Law School at Jilin University and has been working as a lawyer since 1988. Over the years, he handled a number of cases about illegal detainment and Falun Gong. His lawyer's license was once suspended in 2008.

Wei was very active in property right and Falun Gong cases. He was warned by authorities not defending for Falun Gong practitioners. In February 2009, his wife and he attended a gathering of Falun Gong, was accused of "Assembling a crowd to disturb social order" and "Sabotaging legal enforcement by organizing and using evil religion” and detained for 30 days. Wei said:" If you consider your clients are not guilty based on facts and laws. You can defend for them, denying guilty. According to the lawyer's law, the results of defense and the evidence used in the court cannot be used as the evidence to charge the lawyers. So I say, if I am investigated and charged because of defense for Falun Gong practitioners, it will be a big scandal in China.

Wei was also detained in May 2012 since he helped handling some sensitive cases. He was released a month later without giving any reasons.



Illegal Detainment cases, Falun Gong cases