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Weekly Updates on Chinese human rights lawyers (11-15 May)

Weekly Updates on Chinese human rights lawyers (11-15 May)


  • Guo Feixiong, Sun Desheng case] Lawyers Zhang Lei and Li Jinxing of Guo Feixiong and Sun Desheng’s case recently received notice of trial extension from the Guangdong Province Guangzhou City Tianhe District Court. It is stated that due to special circumstances of the case, the trial cannot be finished within the extension approved by Guangzhou City Intermediate Court. Thus the Supreme Court approved the extension for 3 months. Guo Feixiong and Sun Desheng have been detained for nearly 2 years now and the trial is still not yet finished. During the detention, Guo Feixiong and Sun Desheng suffered ill-treatment and torture. They were not allowed to leave the cell and the detention environment is extremely bad.


  • Yu Wensheng applied to investigate torture he suffered] Lawyer Yu Wensheng was arrested and detained for 99 days for the suspicion of supporting “Hong Kong Occupy Movement”. The All Lawyers Bar Association, the city and district bar associations were all indifferent. During detention, Yu was tortured and his home and law firm were searched and itemed was confiscated. He was not allowed to meet with a lawyer for 61 days. Because of the detention and torture, he had to undergo intestinal hernia surgery in less than half a month after he had obtained bail. He suffered no such illness before the detention.
  • Gao Zhisheng] Top Chinese rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng remains effectively under house arrest, 10 months after his release from prison on subversion charges, his family said on Wednesday.



  • Yu Wensheng applied to investigate torture he suffered] 3:00pm Lawyer Yu Wensheng had a meeting with Director Zhu of Law Management Office of Beijing Municipal Department of Justice, Director Guo of Department of Justice of Shijinshan District and Vice-president Chen of Shijinshan Bar Association.
  • [Tang Jingling case] Lawyer Liu Zhengqing: I went to do inquiry at Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court in the morning. I was told that the case was tried there on 28 April 2015. The case number is (2015) Sui Zhong Fa Xing Chu Zi No.167. The case is in still in back office and not yet assigned to specific judge. Liu went to the detention centre to meet Tang Jingling and Zhang Shengyu in the afternoon.



  • Jiansanjiang] Lawyer Jiang Tianyong requested to meet with Jiansanjiang Public Security Bureau Captain Liu Changhe about the illegal detention of the 4 lawyers, bail, and dismissal of the case, but was rejected. Lawyers Xie Yang, Feng Yangqiang, Linqilei, Xu Fugui and their clients Shi Mengwen, Li Guifang and Meng Fanli along with family and friends went to Jiansanjiang Nongken Court. While lawyer Xie was on his way to Judge Wang Jingjun’s office, he met Judge Wang who was hiding. Lawyer Xie was stopped by the bailiffs. Later the bailiffs agreed to contact Judge Wang for them.
  • [Tang Jinling, Yuan Zhaoyang, Wang Qingying case] The investigation by Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau period has ended.  Tang Jinling, Yuan Zhaoyang, Wang Qingying were charged with suspicion of inciting subversion of state power on 20 November 2014, the case is transferred to prosecution.


  • Pu Zhiqiang] Beijing Municipal No.2 Procuratorate indicted Pu Zhiqiang and sent the case to Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court for inciting ethnic hatred crime and picking quarrels and provoking troubles. Charges: Pu Zhiqiang made use of information networks and had posted microblogs many times, inciting ethnic hatred and the circumstances are serious. He had verbally insulted others, disrupted the public order, and the circumstances are serious. He shall be investigated for any criminal liability.
  • [Yu Wensheng applied to investigate torture he suffered] Yu went to Ci Ming Medical Centre this morning for his medical report on 7 December 2013.The report is 10 months from the day he was arrested by the p Daxing branch. The report proves that on 13 October 2014 when he went into the detention centre, he has moderate fatty liver but has no small intestine hernia. On 20 November when he was transferred to Beijing No. 1 Detention Centre, he was diagnosed with small intestine hernia but the fatty liver was gone. Yu believed that this report is the indirect proof that he suffered torture and faced hunger during detention.
  • [Jiansanjiang case] Lawyers Xie Yang, Feng Yangqiang, Lin Qilei, Xu Fugui, Chang Boyang, Jiang Tianyong went to complain at Heilongjiang Provincial Nongken Branch Procuratorate. They were barred at the gate so they went to Heilongjiang Provincial National People’s Congress to complain.
  • [Guo Feixiong and Sun Desheng case] Today and 19 May Lawyers Ge Wenxiu Ge Yongxi have hearing sessions.