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Wang Zhenyu (王振宇)

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Lawyer Wang is the director of Beijing Impact Law Firm.

Wang is a scholar on constitutional government. He graduated from Faculty of law at Peking University, obtained a Master degree. He was a researcher at Unirule Institute of Economics and Cheif Editor of China Review. He was also a Deputy Director in a Public Policy Research Center of China University of Politics and Law.



Economics, Crimincal, Administrative Business cases


Cases Handled

2011: Cui Yingjie Case

2010: Gansu Hui County saturnism case

2009: Sichuan Dazhu County Old Town Demolition cases

2008: Shandong Junan County Land Expropriation Cases

2008: Anhui Fuyang "White House" Whistleblower's Death Case

2008: Huang Jing death case

2007: Dong Yanbin "Lust, Caution" Case 

2007: Zhou Jing Case