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Teng Biao is a lecturer at China University of Political Science and Law and the director of China Against the Death Penalty. Additionally, he is a researcher at the Open Constitution Initiative. Teng Biao has a PhD in law from Beijing University. Previously, he was a lawyer at Beijing Huayi Law Firm. After Sun Zhigang case occurred, Teng Biao, Xu Zhiyong, and Yu Jiang wrote a letter to the National People’s Congress committee requesting that they abolish the practice of custody and repatriation. He was also the primary defense lawyer in the Shandong forced abortion case. He, Xu Zhiyong, and other lawyers also co-founded the nongovernmental organization called the Open Constitution Intiative, or Gongmeng.

Officials at China University of Political Science and Law have repeatedly warned Teng Biao that if he continues to participate in legal defense activities, he could be fired and lose his personal freedom. Teng Biao said to the head of the university, “My work and personal safety are important, but I can’t just give up on my more important principles of freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and my righteous duty.” Teng Biao acted on behalf of his friend and AIDS activist Hu Jia, who tried to seek justice but was sentenced to three years in jail for the crime of inciting subversion of state power.

In March 2008, members of Beijing’s Public Security Bureau forcibly took Teng Biao in for two days of questioning. In April, he and 18 other lawyers issued a jointly-signed letter offering to speak in defense of 314 Tibetans who had been arrested during the rebellions in Lhasa. In 2008 during the lawyer credentials examination period, the Ministry of Justice revoked his law license. In February 2011 was apprehended by the Public Security Bureau and disappeared for two months, when finally he was released home in April.



Human rights cases, public interest cases


Cases Handled

2010    Shenyang Xia Junfeng Case

2009    Hunan Wugang County deputy mayor Yang Kuan life or death case

2009    Anhui Bozhou Li Xueshi Case

2008    Guizhou Yangming death penalty miscarriage of justice case

2007    Qingdao Yu Jianli alleged leadership defamation case

2007    Qingdao Hexi village house demolition case

2007    Jiangxi Leping death penalty miscarriage of justice case

2006    Wang Tiancheng complaint against Zhou Yezhong case

2006    Aomei Ding incident

2006    Liao and Wu passport case

2005    Caizhuo Hua freedom of religion case

2005    Shanbei oil case

2005    Chen Guangcheng honesty case

2005    Linyi forced abortion investigation