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China Human Rights Lawyers Group School Activities Proposal

Who we are?
Established in 2007, China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group is a Hong Kong-based non-profit organization that aims to advocate for the protection of rights of human rights lawyers and legal rights defenders in China. One major area of our work is to organize educational activities that promote understanding and concern for :

  1. The legal system in China and its development and challenges
  2. The causes taken up by human rights lawyers in China
  3. The problems and difficulties faced by them in their activities both generally and individually

China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group actively involves in the promotion of human rights in China by providing aid to human rights lawyers in China and pushing for the progress of rule of law.

Our executive board members have profound knowledge in the legal system of China. Our staff team work closely with human rights lawyers in China. We can share with students real and recent stories of human rights lawyers in China, as well as the implications of these cases.


  1. To increase students’ understanding in the history, development and problems of China’s legal system through the stories of Chinese human rights lawyers and the cases they handle.
  2. To help student understand the importance of legal system in protecting human rights and upholding social justice

Target Audience
Junior and senior secondary school students  (Grade 6- Grade 12)


  • Introduction to China’s Legal System – history, structure, development and challenges
  • Chinese Human Rights Lawyers- who they are, the plight they face and the cases they handle
  • China’s Legal System and Human Rights- The history and development of China’s engagement with the international human rights mechanism, the linkage between legal system and human rights.
  • China and International Human Rights Treaties- China’s participation in international human rights organs, the relations between legal system in China and international human rights treaties, how do international human rights treaties protect Chinese citizens
  •   Human Rights issues- introduction to the issues and case sharing e.g.:
    • Land expropriation
    • Freedom of speech
    • Labour issues

Talks conducted by executive board member or staff of CHRLCG

We welcome suggestions on activity topics and format

Email: [email protected]