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Pang Kun (庞琨)

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Pang Kun studied at Hohai University between 1998 and 2002. In 2004, he obtained the legal professional diploma after passing the self-taught higher education examination. He has formally obtained the legal professional qualification after completing the period of pupillage in 2008. Then he joined Guangdong Dena Law Firm in Shenzhen as a solicitor. In the same year, he joined the civil rights concern group “Gongmeng” and started paying attentions to issues on anti-discrimination, labor rights protection, human rights for the disabled and anti-torture. His aspiration was to promote the value of the rule of law, the understanding of legal system and to safeguard the legal rights for the underprivileged through representing them in lawsuits. He also encouraged citizens to safeguard their civil rights by utilizing legal procedures and to participate into campaigns in promoting social equality, sense of citizenship and the development of civil society. In the past years, Mr Pang had taken more than a hundred of lawsuits related to public interest– more than 20 of those had been heard in courts. He has actively strived for the interest for the underprivileged and he was one of the famous civil rights lawyers.

Meanwhile, Mr Pang also advocated the promotion and implementation of the access of government information, making complaints and lawsuits against improper behaviors by government departments, and to encourage Chinese citizens to run for the deputies to the People’s National Congress. In 2009, he had made requests to the Justice Bureau, Audit Bureau, Health Inspection at Shenzhen Municipal Government for accessing government information. He also has been actively liaison residents to participate into civil society and to demand for more autonomy at the local-level election for the deputies to the National People’s Congress. In May 2012, Mr Pang had been taken away by police when he attempted to liaison with the government over the attack of a civil rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong. He has now been released.



Carriers of Hepatitis B and AIDS, Disabled, Labor disputes


Cases Handled

2010 Discrimination against disabled applicants for civil servants in Shenzhen

2009 Discrimination against a Hepatitis B carrier in Shenzhen to apply health certificate to be a practitioner in food-related industry

2008 Discrimination against a Hepatitis B carrier in his job application in a factory in Dongguan, Guangdong