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Meeting with Bao Longjun (Morning)

Meeting with Bao Longjun (Morning)


24 August morning, lawyers Chen Yongfu and Huang Hanzhong accompanied by Tianjin Ms. Zheng and a woman from Hunan went to Tianjin Hexi Detention Centre. The lawyers applied to meet with Bao Longjun at the centre but the officers asked how the lawyers knew Bao was detained here. Afterwards, the lawyers were told that there is no such person in the centre. They then asked about Wang Yu, but was told she is not there as well. Lawyers then asked whether there is a case number for Bao, the officer said no matter what name or number are used, the computer can locate the person if he is detained there.

After that the two lawyers went to the investigation team and asked to meet with the person-in-charge about the case, the receptionist said the officer is in a meeting and will arrive in the afternoon. Then the two lawyers went to Tianjin Procuratorate to complain about the appeal branch, askng for a reply from the Procuratorate. The Procuratorate checked and confirmed that the case is sent to Tianjin Police and asked the lawyesr to return inthe afternoon for a written reply.