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Li Xiongbing (黎雄兵)

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He worked at the Beijing Gao Bolong Chinese law firm.

Li has handled a number of rights cases. In 2007, a Shandong reporter Qi Chong Huai and freelance photographer Ma Shiping reported on Teng Chau Municipal corruption n June and as a result experienced "extortion" and arrest by the authorities. Li and lawyer Qi STEPHENSI acted in their defense. In the same year, Li and another 68 Chinese scholars and the legal profession jointly signed an open letter calling for the lifting of Laogai.

On March 14, 2008 during the "Lhasa riots", Li acted as defence for the arrested Tibetans. He is also a co-signatory of the "Charter 08", and participated in advocating for Beijing Lawyers Association direct election initiatives.

As a result of dealing with the Sanlu poisonous milk powder case, he was harassed by the Beijing's public security police in a warehouse. By the end of 2008, Li was prevented from meeting with the delegation from the U.S. authorities on Congressional Human Rights Caucus. In 2009, during the 20th anniversary of the June 4th Incident, he was placed under house arrest by the authorities. Guoan also frequently put pressure on their landlord, so he has to keep on moving. Li’s license was revoked during the annual inspection and registration in 2009.


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2009 Yang Chunlin case
2009 Yuanxian Chen case
2008 Sanlu tainted milk case