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Li Subin (李苏滨)

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After license was invalidated, he is now a civil legal agent.



Li is from Luoyang. He graduated from the Graduate School of China University of Political Science and law. He enlisted in 1976 and was appointed as an army officer in 1979. In 1982, he changed to work at the Foreign & Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Luoyang Government. He was later transferred to Luoyang Shi Si Fa Ju in 1991 and has been practicing law since then.

Li was sentenced to jail for a total of 400 days between the years of 1991 to 1996 for providing assistance to minority groups in reinforcing human rights. He fled to Beijing to escape from any persecution. His many applications for a lawyer’s license has rejected by Beijing Si Fa Ju and Henan Sheng Si Fa Ting since early January 2005.


Cases handled

2007  July 18 victims case