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Li Huigeng (李会更)

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Lawyer Li Huigeng Graduated from Law Department of  Peking University in 1984. Li was a functionary of a state organ and later was a teacher in a University as a lecturer of Criminal Law.  He passed the Bar Exam in 1988, has practiced since 1993.  He took part in the compilation and writing of the Lawyer Practice. He has published many articles in newspapers and magazines such as the People’s Court Daily and Chinese Lawyer.

He was invited by a Japanese University to give a lecture on “Legal Environment for China Investment by Foreign Enterprises”. He works as a partner at Beijing Web Law Firm .He is committee member of Criminal Law Committee of Beijing Bar Association.


Cases Handled
2003                Hu Yan, the former president of the security company of Henan province, corruption case and misappropriating public funds case
2002                Unnatural death of Chen Shuliang case, a professor of Hubei Institute Of Technology
1995                Wei Jingsheng conspire to subvert the government case