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Li Fangping (李方平)

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Li Fangping is one of the lawyers and a partner in the Beijing Ruifeng Firm. He also serves as the legal consultant of the Beijing Yi Ren Ping Centre. Since 1996, he has been living and working in Beijing for 10 years. He has participated in the defense of Shandong blind human rights activist Chen Guangcheng and was subsequently beaten as a result. He also represented human rights activist Hu Jie and was held under house arrest by the police. Li Fang Ping and and several other lawyers have formed a team of volunteer lawyers to provide legal assistance to the victims of the poisonous milk powder incident amidst the pressure of the People’s Republic of China authorities.

Li Fangping’s respect for human rights and pursuit of equity has led him to stand up against unfair and unreasonable situations. In May 2007, Li Fangping sued the Beijing Netcom for manipulating its monopoly to charge user costs. He has also sued the Beijing Netcom for manipulating its monopoly to discriminate against ‘new residents’. The legal profession generally believe that this has become the ‘first case on Chinese Monopoly Law’ to enter the legal procedures.

As a ‘Beijing new resident’ with his household registration elsewhere, Li feels deeply the experience as one of the 6 million ‘temporary population’, whose political, economic and social cultural rights are different from citizens with their household registered in Beijing. Thus on 28 August 2008, Li Fangping and China scholar Hu Xingdou submitted a “citizen proposal” to the Beijing government, in which they put forward a proposal to give rights to new Beijing residents in three stages based on their length of residence, new residents who had lived in Beijing for more than 10 years should enjoy the same rights as Beijing residents, to practice the ‘same city same treatment’ residence system reform



Criminal defense, public interest cases


Cases Handled

2012    Li Mengnan murder charge case

2011    Henan Xinxiang Zhang Haofeng case

2011    Cheung Haibin and his son murder charge case

2010    Fujian 3 netizens case (Fan Yanqiong defamation case)

2009    Chen Guoching petition against death penalty case

2007    Jieyang Lin Ruiqiang petition against death penalty case