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Li Dunyong (李敦勇)

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Beijing City Gongxin Law firm

When attempting to renew his lawyer’s licence in 2009, he was threatened that his licence would be suspended.

Li has dealt with cases involving the house church, farmer’s land rights, homelessness caused by city development and acquisition of land. He defended the pastor Liu Huiwen when he was charged in 2007 for preaching to Muslims. In 2008, he defended house church pastor Liu Yuanqi, Heilungjiang petitioner Liu Jie and Uyghur Christian Alimujiang Yimiti. Alimujiang Yimiti is a Xinjiang employee of a British company and was charged with ‘Incitement to subvert the State power’ and ‘Releasing state secrets’*.

In 2008, while Li was preparing the defence of a Fa Lun Gong member, Shanghai Tsui Wui district court judge Lu Wen Jia asked Li to cooperate with the court. However, Li refused the demands of the court and continued to act in defence and plead not guilty for the accused. This is the first case in Shanghai where a Falun Gong accused was pleaded not guilty.

In 2007, Li and another 69 Chinese academics and members of the legal profession signed an open letter to call for the lifting of the policy to Re-Education Through Labour. On 14th March 2008, after the Llasa riots, Li was arrested while defending a Tibetan. Family members of Tibet director Dhondup Wangchen asked Li to act as Wangchen’s defence lawyer, however, in July 2009, the Chinese authorities prevented Li from continuing to act in defence of Wangchen.


Handled Cases

2012 Zhu-wu-fu Case

2011 Ali-mu-jiang Case