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Li Boguang (李柏光)

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Mr. Li studied his Masters degree and Doctorate at the University of Beijing and was Senior Consultant at Beijing An-ping Law firm.

Towards the end of 1997, Li taught in the Faculty of Law at Hainan University. He was arrested on 5th April 1998 because he had set up a salon for young intellectuals to discuss the political reforms in China.

In December 2004, he went to Fu-an to provide legal assistance to farmers who had lost their land, and was accused as a ‘fake doctor’. They accused him of falsifying his qualifications and he was detained in Fu-an City Public Security Bureau. However, Li indicated that the Head of the Bureau seized this chance to ask all officers to study Law from him. Li was thus given special treatment, such as the opportunity to shower every two days and officers giving him food to show their ‘respect’. On 22nd January, 2005, Li was released on bail, however, officials warned him of publicizing any statements on-line.

Whilst Li was handling court cases, sometimes he would not charge his victims or would provide subsidies for the victims. As a Christian, Li assisted many Christian believers who were arrested because of their religion. He was one of the Chinese Christians whom ex-President George W. Bush met with in May 2006. The meeting was to discuss religious freedom in China.

On 29th June 2008, Li together with 7 other Beijing rights activists and academics planned to meet with the then visiting Human Rights delegation of the US Congress. However, Beijing officials brought him to a house in the Beijing suburbs and did not release him until the Members of the US Congress had left Beijing.

In 2008, Li and another 14 people working in the legal profession jointly issued a statement condemning the Ministry of Civil Affairs’ order to replace the Chinese House Church Alliance.


Cases Handled

2011 Ali-mu-jiang Case

2009 Guo Feixiong Case