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Lawyers who faced various kind of suppressions in past two months

Lawyers who faced various kind of suppressions in past two months

China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group

Power to Justice, May 2013

Lawyers who had failed to pass annual registration for the 2nd time


Chen Wuquan

Chen Wequan is a Guangzhou lawyer. His license snatched by police in April 2012 for representing Chen Kegui, nephew of barefoot lawyer Chen Guangcheng.


In May 2012, Chen was notified that his annual registration was on hold because the Guangzhou Lawyers Association has received a complaint about an article he had written earlier in that year, which recorded the unlawful practices in a trial he participated. [1] Chen was later dismissed by his law firm.


Chan Wuquan communicated with Guagnzhou Lawyers Association and Guangzhou Ministry of Justice. Both had promised to review his annual registration. However, until today there has been no updates on Chen Wuquan’s annual registration.


Wang Cheng

Wang Chen is a lawyer in Hangzhou. In 2011 he sued the Jiangxi government for vote-rigging in the local election of deputies of National People’s Congress on behalf of Li Sihua, an independent candidate to the said election.


After his contract ended in September 2011, Wang Cheng transferred to Zehou Law Firm in Zhejiang in February 2012. However, he could not sign the contract with firm because it was the Lawyers Association does not handle transfer requests in February to May. Wang Cheng asked the law firm he previously worked in to apply for a postponement of annual registration for him in 2012 so that he could finish the transferal procedures.


However, the law firm he previously worked in did not apply for a postponement of annual registration for Wang Cheng because it received order from Ministry ofJustice to not apply for him. Zehou Law Firm, the new law firm that Wang Cheng was supposed to transfer to, also received order from the Ministry of Justice that it could not sign a contract with Wang Cheng.


In April 2012, Wang Cheng was notified that his license was revoked for ‘not transferring to a new law firm within six months’. Officials from Hangzhou informed Wang Cheng case would be reviewed until ‘his problem is resolved’.


Judicial Detention


Wang Quan Zhang

On 4th April 2013, Beijing lawyer Wang Quanzhang was judicially detained after a trial at Jing Jiang court. He was detained with the charge of “severely obstructing order in court” after taking a photo of a document for back-up.


He was released after two days. He was the first lawyer detained for ‘severely obstructing order in court’ after the release of a judicial interpretation for the amended Criminal Procedure Law by the Supreme People’s Court.


Wang will request for an administrative review on Jing Jiang Court’s decision.




Chen Hai

On 12th April, Anhui lawyer Cheng Hai was assaulted by ten police in plainclothes outside a court in Dalian because he questioned about the reason of the postponement of a Falun Gong case.





Jiang Yuanmin

On 14th April, Shenzhen lawyer Jiang Yuanmin was retaliated because herepresented peasants who lost their land in San Ya, Hainan. He was detained with the charge of “assembling crowds to disturb public order” and wasinterrogated for 24 hours. Jiang’s physical condition was very bad but the detention centre did not provide him any medical treatment.


As of 31st May, Jiang Yuanmin is still detained. The case has been sent back from the procuratorate to the police because ‘the facts are not clear’. Police will conduct supplementary investigations on the case.


Cui Jianan

On 15th April, Beijing female lawyer Cui Jianan reported Chen Gang, the Vice Mayor of Beijing, about his alleged deception of housing maintenance fund. The police detained her with the charge of “obstructing public order”. She was detained for more than ten hours and was injected unknown substance. Later she had a heart attack during the detention and was sent to the hospital.


Ding Jiaxi

On 17th April, Beijing lawyer Ding Jiaxi was summoned with the charge of “illegal assembly” and he is still detained. It is suspected that the detention was due to his advocacy for disclosure of officials’ wealth and equal rights of education in Beijing.[2]


On 25th May, the procuratorate officially arrested Ding Jiaxi for ‘illegal assembly’.


Eight Lawyers detained for over 12 hours, seven of them were beaten up outside Sichuan’s largest black jail


On 13th May, Lin Qilei, Guo Haiyue, Jiang Tianyong, Tang Jitian, Liang Xiaojun, Tang Tianhao and Zhang Keke tried to visit the largest black jail in Sichuan in the morning of 13th May. They were beaten severely by several unidentified persons. Later they were detained for more than twelve hours with the charge of “obstructing the business of the officials” at Ying Jie Town Police Station.


Several hours later, Wang Cheng, Wen Haibo, Li Heping and Yang Huiwen went to Ziyang, Sichuan to rescue the lawyers but the four lawyers were also detained. After being interrogated for more than twelve hours, Wang Cheng, Wen Haibo and Yang Huiwen were released at around 2a.m. that day. Li Heping was detained with the charge of “spreading false information”.


The lawyers were all released later


Other forms of suppression


Li Jinxing and Yang Jinzhu

On 21st May, Li Jinxing and Yang Jinzhu attended a trial at Beihai, Guangxi. When Li Jinxing raised questions about the methods of investigation used by Commission for Discipline Inspection, he was interrupted by the president judge. Li was removed from the court by the guards because he insisted in raising the questions. Yang was also removed from the court for protesting against the decision made by the president judge. The judge declared that both lawyers were not allowed to handle this case anymore.


Lawyers in China raised great concern over the incident. Li and Yang expressed their objection to the court. They were allowed to meet with their client afterwards.


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