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Lawyer Bao Longjun was not allowed to meet with lawyer because of the charges for suspicion of "inciting subversion of state power"

August 28 2015, Bao Longjun’s defense lawyer, Huang Hanzhong and Chen Yongfu received the “decision to not allow attorney to meet criminal suspect” issued by the Tianjin Public Security Bureau Hexi branch. The decision states that, “because Bao Longjun’s charge of inciting subversion of state power is considered a threat to national security, a meeting could impede the investigation or leak state secrets and therefore, in accordance with paragraph 3 of article 37 of the Criminal Procedure Law, the application to meet with the suspect Bao Longjun was rejected.

As of 17 August 28th, 2015, among the 17 lawyers, lawyers assistants and law firm staff who were under criminal compulsory measures, no one has been allowed to meet with their lawyers.