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The Latest Update on Wang Quanzhang’s Status Since His Release (7-24 Apr 2020)

Since his release on 5 April 2020, the 44-year-old lawyer Wang Quanzhang was forced to stay in Jinan, and managed to spoke to his wife Li Wenzu and friend Li Heping before his phone for which he paid was confiscated by a communal official. Wang was then only allowed to contact his family once every day on a borrowed phone.


On Easter on 12 April, a video was published on Twitter showing that Li Wenzu was speaking to her husband on video chat, in which Wang Quanzhang looked a lot thinner in the photo.


According to the authorities, Wang was supposed to only be under quarantine for 14 days, which means he should have been a free man by 19 April. On 18 April, Wang Quanzhang informed his wife that the police said that he would not be able to return to Beijing the next day, and that since he has just come out of prison, he would need more time to “get used to things.”


On 20 April, Wang Quanzhang met a fellow lawyer face-to-face for the first time since his release. Lawyer Xie Yang travelled from Changsha for the occasion. This was the first time that the media got a clear photo of Wang’s appearance since his release. He looks like a different person with his darker skin, thinner face, pushed-back hairline, and aged appearance.


On the same day, Wang also got his phone back, and started accepting interviews, particularly those requested by Hong Kong media. He directly expressed his wish to return to Beijing and reunite with his family,  and revealed that he never yielded and did not plead guilty to any of the charges. He asked the international community to focus on the lack of legalistic logic in the whole prosecution process. In an interview with DW, Wang pointed out that there was a complete lack of due process, and the judges were obviously not following the law, as they changed his charge time and again, without a legalistic and factual basis. 


In an interview with SCMP on 21 April, Wang said he was interrogated around the clock and held in four detention centres and two other secret locations. However, he declined to comment on whether he was tortured during his incarceration, claiming that “some departments would be angry” if he made any comments.


On 21st April, Wang’s sister Wang Quanxiu was first allowed to meet his brother in his residence in Jinan. On 23 April, Quanxiu quoted a police officer from Jinan, who claimed that Wang Quanzhang is still deprived of his political rights, and there still have to serve time, which is administered by the Zhangqiu Public Security Bureau.


He is still currently forbidden to return to Beijing to join his wife and child, and is suffering from memory and hearing loss, dental problems and high blood pressure.



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