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Illegality of the Chinese Authorities in the “709 crackdown”

Illegality of the Chinese Authorities in the “709 crackdown”

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1. The Public Security Bureau In Tianjin Lacking Territorial Jurisdiction Over The Cases

2. The Hexi Branch, Tianjin Public Security Bureau Lacking Hierarchical Jurisdiction Over The Cases

3. Depriving Lawyers’ Right To Be Informed Of Case Information

4. Abuse Of The Endangering National Security Crime

5. Abuse Of Residential Surveillance At Designated Location

6. Not Notifying Family About Criminal Compulsory Measures And Detention Location Promptly

7. Depriving The Right To Meet Lawyers

8. Depriving The Right To Correspondence With Families And Lawyers

9. Not Allowing To Change Compulsory Measures

10. State Media Trial And Televised Confession

11. Interventions In Lawyers’ Defense Work

12. Lawyers At Beijing Fengrui Law Firm Not Allowed To Transfer To Other Law Firms

13. Forcing Lawyers To Confess Wrongdoings On Videotape

14. Collective Punishment On Lawyers’ Children

15. Not Allowing The Defense Lawyers Or Lawyers’ Families To Travel Outside Mainland China

16. The Local Procuratorates’ Refusing To Perform Their Supervision Duties Over The Public Security Bureaus

17. Hundreds Of Lawyers And Activists Summoned Or Interviewed By Police

18. Law Enforcement Conducted Intentionally At Midnight