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Huang Xuetao (黄雪涛)

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Huang Xuetao is a public interest lawyer who specializes in cases where people had been declared unfit by psychiatrists and sent into mental institutions.  She graduated from Peking University with a Master of Laws and is a visiting scholar from the Columbia University. She is also a research fellow at the United States Public Interest Law Initiative. She is currently a practicing lawyer at the Beijing Horizon (Shenzhen) Law Firm. At the same time, she works at the Shenzhen Equity institution, which focuses on mental health and the rule of law, equal employment, anti-discrimination, labour rights and other fields.

In 2006, Huang acted in the Zou Yi Jun case and first came into contact with the psychiatric industry. In October 2006, Zou Yi Jun, a 27 year-old woman from Guangzhou was forcibly sent to a mental hospital by someone hired by her mother. She was then clinically diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Zou claims that she was kidnapped and after she was released 3 months later self-declared a nun and cut her ties with her family, and sued the hospital and her family. Huang was shocked at the loopholes in the psychiatric hospital admissions system and the mode of thinking of psychiatrists.

In 2008, Huang together with a few lawyers, doctors, psychologists, social welfare workers, the media and victims of the abuse of psychiatric hospitals established a volunteer working group called ‘mental illness and the social observation’. After 3 years of research, local and overseas visits and cooperation with an equity organization, the working group together with the equity organization jointly issued a report on 10th October 2010 – the 16th World Mental Health Day. The report was called ‘An analysis of the Admissions System in Mental Illness Institutions in China’ and was the first report issued by NGOs to analyze the admissions system from a legal perspective. The report was sent to the Legal Council of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and also the State Council Legislative Affairs Office as a reference for the mental health legislation at that time.

Huang has also engaged in other public interest activities. In September 2008, Huang was engaged in the poisonous milk powder cases and thus was met with and warned by Shenzhen Bureau of Justice. In August 2012, together with 4 other lawyers, she provided legal assistance for female candidates who were discriminated by reason of their gender in college admissions and helped them in bringing anti-discrimination lawsuits.



e.g. Public interest litigation, foreign investment, international trade, cross-border insolvency, litigation, arbitration


Cases Handled

2006 Zou Yi Jun case