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Han Yicun, previously known as Han Peifa, born in Cangzhou, Hebei, is a celebrated human rights lawyer in Beijing. In addition, he is a constitutional scholar, a poet and a special commentator for the Chinese Lawyer Magazine. Lawyer Han is currently practicing in Yijia Law Firm in Beijing.

Lawyer Han Yicun is an expert in handling complex and important cases. He is known for his professionalism as a defense lawyer for the mass incidents in Guangxi Bobai, and a prosecuting lawyer against the National Development and Reform Commission, and Mr. Zhang, the Party Secretary of a county in Liaoning Province. His case of Wen'an Event in Guizhou Province has brought about the deposing of the responsible person for prime liability. Mr. Han is hailed as an attorney at law both at home and abroad for accusing the gross misconduct of the government high-ranking officials in China.

As a lawyer advocating democracy and safeguarding the rule of law to serve justice, Mr. Han and other human rights lawyers have organized a team of lawyers to handle all types of litigation cases to uphold human rights. He had taken up a number of social events, such as the Shanxi “Slave Labor” incident, and the mass incidents triggered by the issue of birth control in Bobai county of Guangxi Province in 2007.

In 2008, Mr. Han handled the Weng'an event in Guizhou Province. In 2010, he succeeded in organizing a movement with 1,050 citizens to remove Ren Ruichen, the Chief and other officials from the office of Haerbin Municipal Public Security Bureau. Ultimately, Ren Ruichen was deposed in the campaign.

Mr. Han has been engaging in academic research on constitution. In 2007, he drafted the China Human Rights Act to indirectly promote the launch of National Human Rights Action Plan.

In the same year, he and 68 scholars have jointly called for the abolition of Re-Education Through Labor. In 2008, he and 34 lawyers jointly called on the Beijing Lawyers Association (BLA) to allow its members to directly elect representatives to the BLA congress.

As a known figure of human rights lawyer, his notable affairs have been widely reported in the media at home and abroad. Lawyer Han had been invited to meet the academic organizations of the United States, France, Germany and Australia.  Upon invitation, he went to Geneva, Switzerland to attend the United Nations conference in 2011. His name was listed in the “Record of the Outstanding Defendant Lawyers “in 2010.



Criminal defence; administrative litigation


Cases Handled

2011  Case of human rights activist Wang Lihong on “picking quarrels and provoking troubles”

2011- Case of Zhejiang merchant Gan Shanqing on the claim for a compensation of RMB 100 Million against the State.

2010  Case of Falun Gong practitioner Guo Chunzhan from Xingcheng City of Weiping county in Liaoning Province on the charge of distributing Falun Gong information and undermining the law.

2009  Liaoning Developer Yu Jin in a libel case accusing against China Business Times and China Business Daily

2009  Case of Anhui merchant Chen Enwen on illegal mining

2008  Case of injury compensation for Guo Shizhong, Director of Family Planning in Xin County of Henan Province, who died of binge drinking

2008  Lawsuit against Zhang Zhiguo, Party Secretary of Xifeng County in Liaoning Province.

2008  Lawsuit against

2008  Case of Beijing petitioner Sun Shan  on Re-education-through- Labor.

2007  Lawsuit against Mr. Ge from Tangshan of Hebei for involvement in gang-related criminal activities

2007  Allegations of bribery against Zhang Deyong, a prison guard in Xiangnan, Hubei Province

2007  Lawsuit against the National Development and Reform Commission