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Guo Liuzhu (郭留柱)

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Shaanxi Province


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Guo Liuzhu has his origins in Tangshan of the Hebei Province. He joined the Communist Party of China in 1969. He was originally part of the Technology Detection Group of the People’s Liberation Army General Staff Department and later he took up a number of posts in the Shaanxi Yanhe Cement Machinery Factory, including the post of a legal consultant and an assistant of the factory director. He received his legal qualification in 1984. In the recent years, Lawyer Guo has been active in participating in protection of employee rights in winding up companies. He also participated in the hunger strike in support for the employees of the winded up Yanhe Cement Machinery Factory.



Protection of employee rights under winded up companies


Cases Handled

1995    The case of the democratic Zhang Zhongai of Xi’an