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Guo Lianhui (郭莲辉)

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Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province


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In the 70’s, Lawyer Guo was once imprisoned due to words he spoke. As a result of this experience, he began his journey towards becoming a human rights lawyer. Lawyer Guo began working at a law firm in 1986. After receiving his Law degree and practicing qualification in 1988, he began his legal practice. In later years, he established the Jiangxi MingLi Lawyer Office and is a well known lawyer in Ganzhou. Over the years, he has been in charge of a number of Falun Gong cases.

Gannan Daily once reported on one of Lawyer Guo’s classic criminal cases. In 2001, he was received second place in the Jiangxi’s First Annual Plea Advocacy Competition in the Group category. Lawyer Guo was also awarded the title of being Jianxi Province’s Outstanding Defense lawer, as well as Ganzhou’s Outstanding Defense Lawyer. Lawyer Guo is also included in Volume 13 of “Who’s Who of Chinese Experts”.



Criminal Defense, Falun Gong cases, Civil Litigation


Cases Handled

1999    Group poisoning of industrial land in Gannan

1999    Mr. Hou’s intentional murder case

1998    Case concerning the right to reputation of Liu Zhenshu – the former Deputy Director of the Department of Communications of Jiangxi Province

1994    Allegations of rape, corruption and illegal detention against a Mr. Chen- a deputy head of some county in Gannan