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Guo Jianmei (郭建梅)

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Guo is a public interest lawyer and the director of the Woman Legal Studies and Service Centre of Faculty of Law, Peking University. Born in Hua county of Henan, Guo graduated from Peking University with a law degree. She had worked in the research centre of Ministry of Justice, Legal Consultant Office of All-China Women’s Federation, China Lawyers of All China Lawyers Association.

Guo took park in the drafting of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Rights and Interests of Women, which was promulgated by the PRC in April 1992. She cooperated with the Legal Research Centre of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in promulgating the project on the Problems and Solutions in the Implementations of Chinese Women’s Law after 1993.

She was touched by Hilary Clinton’s speech, “Women’s rights are human rights”, when she took part in reporting the Fourth NGO Forum of the World Conference on Women in September 1995. She then resigned from her work as the editor’s assistant of China Lawyers, and set up Woman Legal Studies and Service Centre of Faculty of Law, Peking University, a charitable organization, with other lecturers from Peking University. She became the first generation of China public interests lawyers. Her centre offers legal aid, research and training for women and she set up the first public interest lawyer website in China. Her centre was selected by the Fortune as one of the ten most influential civil society organizations in China, and awarded the “outstanding achievement in Chinese charitable activities” and “role model of charitable organizations” by the third Chinese Charitable Affairs Development Forum in 2006.

In 2010, her centre was forced to shut down under the request by Peking University, instructed by the Ministry of Education. Such a request was allegedly due to the centre’s involvement in sensitive cases and foreign subsidies. The centre was renamed “Beijing Women’s Legal Aid Organization”and continued to operate. Also, based on this centre, Guo set up Qianqian Law Firm, specializing in public interest affairs and initiating different public interest legal activities, which boosted the specialization and professionalization of public interest lawyers, as well as raising the awareness of legal aid and public interest litigation for underprivileged parties,  including physically impaired people, peasants and the elderly.

Guo took part in civil service. She is a member of China Law Society, a director of the Marriage and Family Law Research Centre of China Law Society, a committee member of the Professional Commission for Marriage and Family, committee member of Professional Commission for Constitution and Authority of All-China Lawyers Association, and a committee member of People’s Consultative Conference of Haidian District in Beijing.

She has published a lot of works, including A Guide to the Law of the Peoples Republic of China on the Protection of Rights and Interests of Women (1992).

She received different awards. In 2007, she received the Global Leadership Award from Vital Voices, an American women’s rights group, as well as the Annual Public Interest Lawyer, awarded by Bar Association of San Francisco. She was selected as the Annual Public Interest Lawyer by China Annual Legal Conference in 2010. She was the ambassador for anti-discrimination on AIDS, which was held by International Labour Organization and UNAIDS.


Legal aids for women’s rights, public interest litigation