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Guo Feixiong: My final replies for this court of trial

Guo Feixiong:  My final replies for this court of trial

This judgment is against justice and against the law. This is a despicable political persecution against me and Sun Desheng by the anti-democracy dark forces in China. We are completely innocent.

Running deep beneath the law is the voice of a subject and that of dignity. “Upon the law are more importantly the presence of justice, mercy and integrity.”  However, this judgment of yours tramples on justice, goes against human nature, and destroys basics procedural justice. These trump-up political charges against us, as we were fairly and squarely exercising our civil and political rights, are nothing but a perversion of the judiciary. While the judiciary should be there to uphold justice and protect human rights, you however have used it to frame innocent citizens, to crush human rights, to stamp on the core interests of the Chinese people – the establishing of constitutional democracy. Your conduct has a clear criminal intention, the circumstances are especially serious, and they are the evil of all evils.

What you have been doing has seriously violated the criminal law. In the future court in an era of democracy and rule of law, a just means will be employed to put your crimes on trial, and the aurora of humanitarianism shall shine onto your long lost humanity submerged by beastliness, greed, fear and hatred. Without justice and atonement, there would be no mercy and forgiveness with dignity.

All tyrants on the Chinese soil, all oppressors and all anti-democratic evil doers, I will use the angry prediction of an idealist who has been repeatedly persecuted by trump-up charges and unduly suffered from torture to punish your souls so deeply poisoned by the totalitarian dogmas that know no repent even by now.  After calamities so brutally committed in our history, you still, with all your unscrupulous efforts, to perversely follow their footpath to retain power in the hands of a few and ensure the reign of totalitarianism. I believe you will be condemned for your implacability by all human kind all the way down in history – the shameless and self-pleasant beastliness by nature and by politics.

 “History is our religion.” History is the court of natural law for our people. To you judges Zheng Xin, Luo Cheng and Lu Xiao; prosecutors Wang Yu and Liu Lijun, as well as the whole syndicate of officials behind you who see modern democracy as abyss, God’s oversight will remain luminous even when acts against human conscience are committed in the dark. You can never escape the lashes of the court of history for your grave and mortal sins.

I can tell you that this shameful political persecution can never halt the mighty movement for democracy in China. Instead, it will help the world see your anti-democratic nature. More citizens will boldly stand up, rising like mountains, and join us for their anger or consciousness. Our movement for liberal democracy will gain its strength in this suppression until the day comes for this generation of citizens to build on this much distressed land, and with their own hands, a diverse constitutional democracy with check and balance. The future belongs to the citizens and to the people upon whom souverenity will lie. No nation in this earthly world can escape from this.

Here I would like to thank my lawyers Chen Guangwu, Zhang Xuezhong, Zhang Lei, Li Jinxing for defending me fearlessly against all risks and obstacles over the past two years. No words in the world can sufficiently depict the help they have rendered me.  I would like to thank those who have been tough and selfless trying to save and support me, including Sui Muiqing, Lin Qilei, Xiao Shu, Guo Chunping, Zhao Hongwei, the respectable Pastor Fu Xiqiu, Zhang Min, my sister and brother Yang Maoping and Yang Maoquan who have suffered but turned stronger and stronger through this difficult process. I thank the many comrades in the weiquan movement and in the liberal camp, who have appealed, helped, protested and came to my support through various means. To all the righteous and kind-hearted friends, both from home and from the international community, I extend my heartfelt gratitude. To all brothers and sisters around the world, your support and assistance have bathed me like a warm ocean of humanity and kindness, allowing me to forget momentarily the cold bars and the thick walls.

I also want to express my profound appreciation to my wife Zhang Qingqing. At the end of July 2012, I was asked about my family while dining with some pro-democracy comrades, and I answered, “My feelings for my wife are sacred for at times of my dangers, she is always out there trying hard to find rescue and she has never backed off.” My dear lady, today I openly tell you my profound gratitude, for I want to show my respect to your resistance, your perseverance and devotion despite all the dire trying over the past ten years, especially for all you have done for me from September 2006 to December 2008, which I can never forget and will be forever feel grateful for. ‘Eternal female leads humanity to rise.’ My dear lady, I understand well the difficulties you face as a mother in raising two kids in a new continent. For the struggles for democracy in our home land, I shall incessantly be put in jail. For the education of our son and daughter, a family matter which I deem of utmost significance, I shall render my trust on you!

My friends, I should stop here now.  I will have to face a new start.  Waiting in front of us are the boundless legends and opportunities, as well as the splendor and glory of ideals.