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Guo Feixiong (郭飞雄)

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Guo Feixiong, previously known as Yang Mou Dong, is a Chinese rights activist and civic representative.

He graduated from Shanghai East China Normal University Faculty of Philosophy and had never received formal training in law. He has previously taught in the university, but later changed to a career in writing.

Guo Feixiong became renowned in 2005 for helping with the Guangdong Panyu Taishi village incident. The local villagers accused an official of corruption and thus attempted to remove him and hold new elections. This action was suppressed by the local government and Guo was prohibited from entering Taishi village. Although Guo was constantly subject to the prohibition of the local police and was physically abused, he continued to provide legal assistance to the villagers of Taishi province, and provided updates on the incident in his personal blog. From 13 September to 27 December, Guo was detained by the Guangzhou Panyu Police and subject to criminal interrogations. During his time, Guo went on a hunger strike as a sign of protest. In the end, Guo was released as the police decided not to prosecute him. Since then, Guo was followed by the local authorities and also unknown individuals.

On 3 February 2006, Guo tried to make a secret recording of the unknown individuals following him which ultimately led to conflict between them. Guo was subsequently brought to the police station whereby he was held for 10 hours. When he finally left the police station at midnight, Guo was brutally beaten in front of the police officers by the unknown individuals who had been following him. After that, Gao Zhisheng went on a hunger strike to protest against the prosecutions against Guo, but Gao was prosecuted in August and Guo Feiziong led a series of events to save Gao Zhisheng.

On 8 February, Guo planned a petition to the Central authorities in Beijing, but was detained and imprisoned by the local authorities in his Guangzhou residence. On 14 September, the Guangzhou police prosecuted him by alleging that Guo had engaged in illegal business activities due to his publication of a book 5 years ago. The case was postponed and transferred several times, and on 14 November 2007, Guo was formally charged and sentenced to 5 years in prison and a fine of RMB 40,000.

Guo has since then served his sentence in Guangdong Meizhou prison, it is known that he was abused and beaten in prison. His wife and son and daughter were approved for political asylum to the US in April 2009. Guo was released from prison on 13 September 2011. 


Cases Handled

2005    Taishi Village removal of officer incident