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Dong Qianyong (董前勇)

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Peking City



Dong Qian Yong studied in Anhui Province at the Anhui Vocational College of Police Officers and then self-studied the undergraduate law degree of Anhui University. He passed the National Judicial Examination in 2005 and became a practicing lawyer in 2007. In 2009, he began participating in cases involving religion, cases involving the protection of rights and activities protecting rights of lawyers.

In 2010, Mr Dong attended as a member of audience for the first and second trial of a case involving a female lawyer from Peking, Wang Yu, who was suspected of intentional assault. Both times he was held in detention and beaten for questioning the conduct of court marshals. In 2011, Mr Dong initiated two administrative litigations against illegal actions carried out by the Tianjin Public Security department, both litigations failed at first and second trial.



Labor litigation, Civil litigation


Cased Handled

2010    The case of Gao Qiang and Wang Wuqin creating disturbances in Xi’an

2010    The fraud case of Liu Zhengyou and his wife, in Zigong City, Sichuan Province