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China Lawyers Statement Concerning Lawyer Wang Yu’ Disappearance

China Lawyers Statement Concerning Lawyer Wang Yu’ Disappearance

(101 cosignatory as of 10 July 2015 11 a.m.)


On 9th July 2015, lawyer Wang Yu sent a message on Weixin from her home in Beijing at around 00:10a.m.. The message was as follows: “After sending my husband and my son to the airport, the power at my home was cut. Internet connection was also lost. I heard somebody trying to pry the door open and talking in low voices outside my home. I tried to call my husband and my son but failed to reach them.” After 04:00a.m., contact with Wang was lost.


We are a group of friends and colleagues of Wang Yu and we now issue the following statement with regard to her disappearance.


  1. Wang is a rational, courteous and law-abiding lawyer. She is not a terrorist, a drug addict nor an antisocial inciter.
  2. Wang has always been open and honest in her practice. If there were any suspicion of illegal activity, the police can call her in for investigation forthrightly and will receive her full cooperation.
  3. We strongly condemn the relevant government departments involved in the acts of capturing Wang using means including severing electrical and internet networks. Such actions are those of rogues, they are severe violations of procedural justice and the principle of rule of law.
  4. Cutting the power in the middle of the night may lead to mistaking the intruders as thieves or robbers, justifying acts of self-defense on the part of Wang.
  5. If the relevant government officials “enforcing the law” in darkness led to physical injury in the parties involved, the relevant government department must bear all legal responsibility.
  6. We urge the relevant government departments to perform their duties in accordance to law. Any actions taken against Wang must be communicated to her family within 24 hours. Torture and abuse of power must not be tolerated.


By Wang Quanping (王全平), former Guangdong lawyer



Wang Quanping(王全平), Guangdong lawyer

Chen Jiangang(陈建刚), Beijing lawyer

Wu Kuiming(吴魁明), Guangdong lawyer

Xia Jun(夏钧), Guangdong lawyer

Sui Muqing(隋牧青), Guangdong lawyer

Chen Keyun(陈科云), Guangdong lawyer

Liu Zhengqing(刘正清), Guangdong lawyer

Liu Shihui(刘士辉), Guangdong lawyer

Wu Zhenqi(吴镇琦), Guangdong lawyer

Liang Xiaojun(梁小军), Beijing lawyer

Zhang Keke(张科科), Hubei lawyer

Chen Jinxue(陈进学), Guangdong lawyer

Xie Yang(谢阳), Hunan lawyer

Chang Boyang(常伯阳), Henan lawyer

Fu Yonggang(付永刚), Shandong lawyer

Zhou Lixin(周立新), Beijing lawyer

Zheng Enchong(郑恩宠), Shanghai lawyer

Ge Wenxiu(葛文秀), Guangdong lawyer

Chen Wuquan(陈武权), Guangdong lawyer

Wang Quanzhang(王全璋), Beijing lawyer

Zhao Yonglin(赵永林), Shandong lawyer

Lan Zhixue(兰志学), Beijing lawyer

Liu Wei(刘巍 ), Beijing lawyer

Meng Meng(孟猛), Henan lawyer

Chen Shuqing(陈树庆), Zhejiang lawyer

Wang Jun(王军), Beijing lawyer

Li Dawei(李大伟), Gansu lawyer

Wen Yu(闻宇), Guangdong lawyer

Wang Xueming(王学明), Shandong lawyer

Xu Hongwei(徐红卫), Shandong lawyer

Liang Xiubo(梁秀波), Henan lawyer

Li Weida(李威达), Hebei lawyer

Yu Quan(于全), Sichuan lawyer

Liu Wei(刘伟), Henan lawyer

Wang Zongyue(王宗跃), Guizhou lawyer

Liu Shuqing(刘书庆), Shandong lawyer

Peng Jian(彭剑), Beijing lawyer

Hou Lingxian(候领献), Heilongjiang lawyer

Xu Xianghui(徐向辉), Guangdong lawyer

Qin Lei(秦雷), Shanghai lawyer

Zhang Guo(张国), Hunan lawyer

Xu Tao(徐涛), Hubei lawyer

Jiang Yuanmin(蒋援民), Guangdong lawyer

Guo Lianhui(郭莲辉), Jiangxi lawyer

Xiao Fanghua(肖芳华), Guangdong lawyer

Li Changming(李长明), Beijing lawyer

Wei Youyuan(魏友援), Jiangxi lawyer

Feng Yanqiang(冯延强), Shandong lawyer

Liu Sixin(刘四新), Beijing Doctor of Laws

Tong Chaoping(童朝平), Beijing lawyer

Luo Qian(罗茜), Hunan legal practitioner

Yan Anle(阎安乐), Henan lawyer

Jiang Yongji(蒋永继), Gansu lawyer

Xiao Guozhen(肖国珍), Beijing lawyer

Qin Yongpei(覃永沛), Guangxi lawyer

Li Yuhan(李昱函), Beijing lawyer

Liang Lanxin(梁澜馨), Hebei lawyer

Liu Lianhe (刘连贺) Tianjin lawyer

Deng Shulin (邓树林), Sichuan lawyer

Guo Jin (郭进), Beijing lawyer

He Wei (何伟), Chongqing lawyer

Ren Quanniu (任全牛), Henan lawyer

Shu Xiangxin(舒向新), Shandong lawyer

Zhang Hai(张海), Shandong lawyer

Xu Guijuan(许桂娟), Shandong lawyer

Liu Jinbin(刘金滨), Shandong lawyer

Zhao Guojun(赵国君), Beijing scholar

Lin Qilei(蔺其磊), Beijing lawyer

Wang Shengsheng(王胜生), Guangdong lawyer

Zhang Chongshi(张重实), Hunan lawyer

Ji Laisong(姬来松), Henan lawyer

Zhuang Daohe(庄道鹤), Zhejiang lawyer

Li Wenzhi(黎文志), Hubei lawyer

Wen Donghai(文东海), Hunan lawyer

Li Tiantian(李天天), Shanghai lawyer

Fan Biaowen(范标文), Guangdong lawyer

Yao Minfu(幺民富), Hebei lawyer

Yang Xuan(杨璇), Hunan lawyer

Lu Fangzhi(吕方芝), Hunan lawyer

Zou Lihui(邹丽惠), Fujian lawyer

Yu Wensheng(余文生), Beijing lawyer

Liu Weiguo(刘卫国), Shandong lawyer

Li Jinxing (李金星), Shandong lawyer

Cai Jixin (蔡吉新), Guizhou lawyer

Wang Qiushi (王秋实) Heilongjiang lawyer

Yang Wei (杨威), Sichuan lawyer

Xue Rongmin(薛荣民), Shanghai lawyer

Xiong Dongmei(熊冬梅), Shandong lawyer

Wang Cheng(王成), Zhejiang lawyer

Jiang Tianyong(江天勇), Beijing lawyer

Tang Jitian(唐吉田), Beijing lawyer (license invalidated)

Zhang Lei(张磊), Beijing lawyer

Li Heping(李和平), Beijing lawyer

Li Fangping(李方平), Beijing lawyer

Zhang Jiankang(张鉴康), Shaanxi lawyer

Zhang Yujuan(张玉娟), Hunan lawyer

Teng Biao(滕彪), Beijing scholar

Pang Kun (庞琨 ), Guangdong lawyer

Wang Haijun(王海军), Hunan lawyer

Shi Fulong(石符龙), Hunan lawyer

Liu Li(刘黎), Beijing lawyer

9 July 2015