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Chen Wuquan (陈武权)

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Work Location

Guangdong Province


Current Status

License suspended



For the past ten years, lawyer Chen Wuquan has represented many cases dealing with land fines and is the single representative for the Shandong Linyi Chen Kegui case. Because lawyer Chen represented the Chen Kegui case and closely monitors China's human rights situation, he has repeatedly suffered harassment by the police. On September 18, 2012, lawyer Chen was accused by the Guangdong police of inciting two petitioners to display a banner on their travel trip that said "Freedom, Democracy, Legal System." He was then detained for eleven hours at the Tianhe detention house on the basis of "disturbing public order." Additionally, because of obstruction on the part of Guangzhou City judicial authorities, lawyer Chen was deprived of the right to practicing law and defending clients. Since 2011, lawyer Chen has been unable to pass the annual lawyer examination. Additionally, due to official pressure, lawyer Chen's law firm rescinded his contract.


Cases Handled

2012  Chen Kegui case