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Chen Guangwu (陈光武)

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Linyi, Shandong Province


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Chen Guangwu was born in Tacheng County, Shandong Province.  In 1985, lawyer Chen graduated from The Open University of China with a major in Chinese language and literature. In 1986, lawyer Chen graduated from Shandong University and self-studied for the law exam. He also passed the first national lawyer qualifications standardized exam with an exceptional score and obtained his lawyering credentials. Later he studied at Renmin University’s law department and obtained an undergraduate degree.


In 1983, he taught at Shandong TV University’s Linyi campus, where he taught classes on philosophy, logic, ancient literature, foreign literature, legal studies, and other subjects and dealt with other educational activities. During the same time, he also served as a lawyer. In 1990, he quit his teaching post and started lawyering work on special criminal defense cases. Lawyer Chen has worked at Cangshan Law Firm and Shandong Sanchen Law Firm. He is presently the head of Shandong Chenhao Law Firm and is also an arbiter on the Linyi City Arbitration Committee. Chen Guangwu has positively started studying and discussing the theory of law, and later published more than ten essays in influential Chinese newspapers and periodicals. Many of his essays also won some awards in Shandong lawyer forums.



Criminal defense


Handled Cases

2004: Linyi bus explosion case

1998: Shandong Linyi Jia Zhongzi case

1997: Zhu Yuecheng bribery case

1996: Li Shaokui homicide case

1987: Shandong Cangshan garlic shoots incident