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Chen Feng (陈枫)

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Beijing City


Current status
In practice


Lawyer Chen Feng graduated from Anhui University’s Department of Law in 2004, majored in economic laws, and was conferred a degree in legal studies. Upon graduation, Chen worked at the Anhui Provincial Department of Justice. She acquired the legal profession qualification in Beijing in 2007, and the legal practice qualification in 2008, after which she works full-time as a lawyer.

Throughout her legal practice, Lawyer Chen engages actively in legal aids and public interest affairs. She had been the project lawyer for the scheme “China University of Political Science and Law Young Lawyers Criminal Defence (Legal Aids) Demonstration”, and the consultant lawyer for the 96156 community hotline as well as the 12355 Beijing youth legal service.


Criminal defence, real estate, company law, intellectual property rights, and legal aids.


Cases Handled

2010    Beijing's first case of human organ trading