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Chang Boyang (常伯阳)

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Work location
Zhengzhou City, Henan Province


Date of birth


Current status
Currently being criminally detained


In 2004, Lawyer Chang, together with other lawyers, formed Henan Province’s first legal aid volunteer group. It has attracted lawyers, journalists, and people from the industrial and commercial sector to take part in legal aid works. The group also set up a legal aid hotline, with the aim to facilitate the spread of legal knowledge and to provide disadvantaged groups a convenient channel to seek help. Lawyer Chang also funded the establishment of Boyang Legal Aid Network, and is currently leading a team of legal aid experts in the provision of legal aid services for less privileged groups. For years, Lawyer Chang devotes himself into the rights protection of disadvantaged groups and migrant workers, protection of underage teenagers, as well as subsidizing children from poor families. In December 2007, Lawyer Chang was nominated as one of the Top 10 Legal Aid Lawyers in Henan Province.

Lawyer Chang was accused of "picking up fights and quarrels" and was criminally detained by the public security bureau as he tried to represent those who were arrested due to the "June Fourth Public Memorial Ceremony" in May 2014.

Legal aid; rights to human dignity and personal safety (civil); terms of contract agreement (commercial); property invasion crime (criminal)


Cases Handled
2012        Representative of National People’s Congress Li Wanjun Contract  Fraud Case
2005        Migrant Worker Li Lujie Industrial Injury Case
2004        Child Labour Han Eryong Broken Arm Case