China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group Condemns Linyi Prison for Rejecting Chen Kegui’s Application for Medical Parole and Disregarding Prisoners’ Right to Life

It has recently been reported that Chen Kegui, nephew of Shandong human rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng, has fallen seriously ill in prison. However, Linyi Prison has not provided adequate medical treatment to Chen. The Prison even rejected his application for medical parole without giving any reason. China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group condemns Linyi Prison for disregarding Chen’s right to life and demands Linyi Prison to immediately accept Chen’s application for medical parole, as well as to provide timely treatment.

Chen Kegui’s mother Ren Zhongju visited Chen Kegui at Shandong Province Linyi Prison on 30/12/2013. She realized that Chen was clutching his stomach, with sweats on his head. After asking Chen, she realized that his Appendicitis was not treated and kept hurting him. He also had stomachache, headache and dizziness. His Appendicitis was diagnosed on 24/4/2013. At that time, the prison officials told her that his appendix had festered and formed a pustule. Since his illness was never properly treated, he had relapsed from time to time.

He stomachache was caused by the brutal, rough and unreasonable treatment of the police in the detention centre. His headache was caused by a severe hit on the head with a wooden stick when Zhang Jian and the bandits raided his home on 27/4/2012. Kegui fainted on his way escaping from the house for an unknown period of time. He kept escaping after he woke up, so he was never checked nor treated. Therefore, he now suffered from frequent headaches and dizziness.

Kegui’s mother had filed an application for medical parole to the administrative department of the Linyi Prison on 2/1/2014. However, the administrative department refused to receive the application, saying that this matter was out of their hands. After repeated requests, police officer (police number 3714118) called the officer who oversaw the prison area where Kegui was imprisoned. The officer said at the beginning that Kegui was not sick. However, Kegui’s mom said that on 30/12/2013 she saw Kegui was sweating due to his sickness. The officer said that ‘Kegui is right next to me, you can talk to him’. After the phone was passed to Kegui, he said, ‘I have been in pain. I am clutching my stomach right now because of the pain’. Officers from the administrative department also heard what Kegui said. However, the prison had not accepted the application for medical parole filed by Chen Kegui’s family.

Chen Kegui has fallen ill for several months but Linyi Prison has only provided one medical treatment. It has also deprived Chen’s right to apply for medical parole. China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group thinks that Linyi Prison completely disregards prisoners’ right to life. According to Article 24 of United Nations’ Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners,

“the medical officer shall see and examine every prisoner as soon as possible after his admission and thereafter as necessary, with a view particularly to the discovery of physical or mental illness and the taking of all necessary measures.”

China, as a member of the Human Rights Council of United Nations, is obliged to respect such basic human rights standards and not to condone local prisons exploiting prisoners’ right to have assess to medical treatment. The Concern Group demands:

1.    Linyi Prison to immediately provide adequate medical treatment to Chen Kegui

2.    Linyi Prison to immediately accept Chen Kegui’s application for medical parole

3.    the Central Government to ensure prisons at all levels respect prisoners’ right to life and right to medical treatment


China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group