China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group Urges Yinan Procuratorate to Drop Charges against Chen Guangcheng’s Sister-in-law and Elder Brother and Demands Linyi Police to Investigate Harassment Faced by Chen’s Family

On 24th April 2013, Chen Guangcheng’s sister-in-law Ren Zongju and 3rd elder brother Chen Guangjun were summoned by Yinan Procuratorate. Both were officially prosecuted with harbouring criminal. China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group urges Yinan Procuratorate to drop charges against Ren Zongju and Chen Guangjun and demands Liniyi police to investigate harassment faced by Chen Guangfu’s family.

When Chen Kegui was arrested in May 2012, his mother Ren Zongju, sister-in-law of famous barefoot lawyer Chen Guangcheng, was charged with harbouring a criminal and was later bailed. On 24th April 2013 afternoon, the officer from Yinan Procuratorate took Ren away and interrogated her for around 1.5 hours. She later returned home with a written notification of official prosecution. Chen Guangcheng’s 3rd elder brother, Chen Guangjun, was also summoned by the police on the same date. He also received a written notification of official prosecution. 
Chen Guangcheng told the Concern Group that since 19th April 2013, Chen Guangjun’s family has been under violent harassment, including brick thrown through window and their car tyres punctured. On 22nd April some thugs broke into their kitchen and caused damage. Complaints were made to the police by Chen Kegui’s father Chen Guangfu but were never replied.
According to Ren, she was charged with habouring criminal because she gave her son Chen Kegui RMB 1000 after he attacked an official when his home was raided in April 2012.
Chen Guangcheng told the Concern Group that the prosecutions were part of the continuous retaliation targeted towards his family after he escaped from years of house arrest in Linyi. The retaliation was meant to exert pressure on Chen’s overseas advocacy work on China’s human rights conditions.
After Yinan Court sentenced Chen Kegui to three years of imprisonment for intentionally inflicting bodily injuries on government officials who raided his house illegally, Ren Zongju and Chen Guangjun were also prosecuted for harboring a criminal. However, Yinan police have never prosecuted the officials who raided Chen Kegui’s house and hurt Chen’s family last year, nor have they investigated harassment faced by Chen’s family. China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group is appalled by the arbitrary investigations and prosecutions made by Yinan procuratorate and police. 
We demand :
1. The new leadership of central government to respect the promise made by its predecessor by investigating the unlawful acts of Yinan government officials and punishing those who are held accountable.
2. Yinan Procuratorate to immediately drops charges against Ren Zongju and Chen Guangjun.
3. Yinan police and procuratorate to stop arbitrary executions and to carry out their duties with accordance to the law.
China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group
29th April 2013

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