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As of 20:00 15 July 2015, 190 lawyers/ law firm staff/human right activists have been detained/ arrested/ incommunicado/ summoned/ restricted freedom temporarily

As of 20:00 15 July 2015, 190 lawyers/ law firm staff/human right activists have been detained/ arrested/ incommunicado/ summoned/ restricted freedom temporarily

Last Update:15th July 20:00

Criminally detained[i] /under residential surveillance[ii] (in the current cases, they are secretly detained) [11 persons] 

9 Lawyers:

  1. Wang Yu (Beijing, Fengrui Law Firm, taken away on 9th July 04:00, incommunicado, already 160 hours, criminally detained) 
  2. Zhou Shifeng (Beijing, Fengrui Law Firm, taken away on 10th July 07:30, incommunicado, already 132 hours, criminally detained) 
  3. Wang Quanzhang (Beijing, Fengrui Law Firm, incommunicado since 10th July 13:00, already 127 hours, criminally detained) 
  4. Huang Liqun (Beijing, Fengrui Law Firm, incommunicado since 10th July 08:30, already 131 hours, criminally detained) 
  5. Bao Longjun (Beijing, legal activist, Wang Yu's husband, incommunicado since 9th July 03:00, already 161 hours, criminally detained)
  6. Liu Sixin (Beijing, legal activist, Fengrui Law Firm administrative assistant, incommunicado since 10th July 08:45, already 131 hours, criminally detained)
  7. Sui Muqing (Guangzhou, taken away on 10th July 23:40, incommunicado, already 106 hours, under residential surveillance for charges of inciting subversion of state power)
  8. Xie Yang (Hunan, taken away on 11th July 05:40, incommunicado, already 110 hours, under residential surveillance for charge of inciting subversion of state power)
  9. Chen Taihe (Guangxi, criminally detained for charges of picking quarrels and provoking troubles on 13th July, detained in Guilin 2nd Detention Centre, over 34 hours)

2 Others (non-lawyers):

  1. Ge Ping (Gou Hongguo, Tianjin, taken away on 10th morning, over 128 hours, under residential surveillance for charges of picking quarrels and provoking troubles)
  2. Jiang Jianjun (Liaoning Dalian, criminally detained on 12th for picking quarrels and provoking troubles, over 68 hours)


Enforced disappearance/incommunicado [19 persons]

4 Lawyers:

  1. Li Shuyun (Beijing, Fengrui Law Firm, taken away on 10th July 11:30, forced disappeared, already 128 hours)
  2. Li Heping (Beijing, taken away on 10th July 14:00, forced disappeared, already 126 hours)
  3. Xie Yanyi (Beijing, interviewed on 10th afternoon, forced disappeared from afternoon on 12th July after interview with Beijing national security agents, already 68 hours) 
  4. Zheng Enchong (Shanghai, his home was raided on 11th noon, then taken away, forced disappeared, already 97 hours)

15 Others (non-lawyers):

  1. Wang Fang (Beijing, accountant of Fengrui Law Firm, forced disappeared since 10th July 08:30, already 131 hours)
  2. Kao La (Zhao Wei, Beijing, Li Heping's assistant, taken away on 10th July 17:00, forced disappeared, already 123 hours)
  3. Lao Mu (Liu Yongping, Beijing, confirmed arrest on 10th, forced disappeared, already 128 hours)
  4. Hu Shigen (Beijing, forced disappeared since 10th, already 128 hours)
  5. Guo Yuhao (Beijing, arrested on 14th July)
  6. Monk Wang Yun (Lin Bin) (take away on 10th noon at Sichuan Chengdu airport, forced disappeared, already 128 hours)
  7. Gong Lei (Shandong, taken away on 13th, incommunicado, over 44 hours)
  8. Li Xiangyang (Shandong, taken away on 14th 01:00 for suspicion of fraud, over 43 hours)
  9. Ren Naijun (Shanghai, taken away on 12th, over 68 hours)
  10. Wang Mingxian (Suzhou, taken away on 14th 17:30, already 26 hours)
  11. Ding Hongfen (Wuxi, Jiangsu, taken away on 15th 16:40)
  12. Huang Yanming (Guizhou, taken away on 14th 07:40, over 36 hours)
  13. Huang Yijie (Guangzhou, Guangdong, taken away on 14th)
  14. Wu Bin (net-name Xiucai Jianghu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, taken away by Zhejiang national security agents from Guangzhou on 15th, incommunicado after being beaten up)
  15. Su Shaoliang (Guangxi, last known to be at the police station at noon on 15th)


Temporarily detained, forcibly interviewed/ summoned160 persons(released/safe now)

110 Lawyers: 

  1. Zhang Weiyu (Shangdong, arrested at Beijing Fengrui Law Firm)
  2. Zuo Peisheng (Beijing, held under control at Fengrui Law Firm)
  3. Jiang Tianyong (Beijing) 
  4. Ni Yulan (Beijing, police went to warn her at home on 12th at 13:47)
  5. Zhang Kai (Beijing)
  6. Liu Xiaoyuan (Beijing, Fengrui Law Firm, suspected of being held under control since 10th July 23:00, returned home now)
  7. Cheng Hai (Beijing, interviewed on 13th 12:30 by police outside the court)
  8. Liu Lianhe (Tianjin)
  9. Ma Wei (Tianjin, interviwed on 10th July)
  10. Li Weida (Tangshan, Hebei, taken away from 22:30 on 10th to 17:15 on 11th, Computer and mobile phones seized)
  11. Liang Lanxin (Tangshan, Hebei, taken away from 22:30 on 10th to 17:15 on 11th, Computer and mobile phones seized)
  12. Yao Minfu (Tangshan, Hebei, interviewed on 15th 14:30, releaesd)
  13. Ji Laisong (Henan)
  14. Ren Quanniu (Henan)
  15. Meng Meng (Henan)
  16. Ma Lianshun (Henan)
  17. Chang Boyang (Henan, returned home on 12th 02:00)
  18. Zhang Junjie (Henan)
  19. Miao Jie (Henan)
  20. Liu Weiguo (Shandong)
  21. Liu Shuqing (Shandong, interviewed on 13th, interviewed again on 14th afternoon)
  22. Shu Xiangxin (Shandong, police came to him twice on 14th)
  23. Xu Hongwei (Shandong)
  24. Fu Yonggang (Shandong)
  25. Wang Yuqin (Shandong)
  26. Xiong Dongmei (Shandong)
  27. Liu Jinxiang (Shandong)
  28. Wang Xueming (Shandong)
  29. Xiong Wei (Shandong)
  30. Li Jinxing (Shandong)
  31. Zhang Hai (Shandong)
  32. Feng Yanqiang (Shandong)
  33. Xu Guijuan (Shandong, interviewed in the afternoon of 12th)
  34. Zhao Yonglin (Shandong, interviewed on 13th)
  35. Xue Zhong (Shandong)
  36. Liu Jinbin (Shandong)
  37. Wang Qiushi (Heilongjiang)
  38. Zhang Xuezhong (Shanghai)
  39. Li Tiantian (Shanghai)
  40. Xue Rongmin (Shanghai)
  41. Qin Lei (Shanghai)
  42. Zhong Jinhua (Shanghai, interviewed 14th 01:40)
  43. Wang Weihua (Shanghai, interviewed on 15th)
  44. Liu Shihui (Guangdong lawyer, taken away in Shanghai on 11th noon, released on 12th 18:00)
  45. Zhang Lei (interviewed in Suzhou on 11th, taken to Zhangsha South Railway Station Police Station on 12th 22:20, released at 00:40)
  46. Wang Cheng (Hangzhou, first interview on 11th, second interview on 12th, sent out message on 23:08 saying that he is safe, summoned for 21 hours for picking quarrels and provoking troubles)
  47. Zhuang Daohe (Zhe Jiang, to be interviewed on July 14th)
  48. Chen Zongyao (Chen Chen, Zhejiang)
  49. Yuan Yulai (Zhejiang)
  50. Lu Zhoubin (Zhejiang)
  51. Wang Liao(Zhejiang, interviewed on 13th noon)
  52. Wang Wanqiong (Sichuan)
  53. Yu Quan (Sichuan)
  54. Fu Jianbo (Chongqing)
  55. He Wei (Chongqing)
  56. You Zhonghong (Chongqing, elder brother of lawyer You Feizhu, summoned on 14th)
  57. Zhang Tingyuan (Chongqing)
  58. Lei Dengfeng (Chongqing)
  59. You Feizhu (Chongqing, taken away on 14th morning, released at 20:55)
  60. Huang Simin (Hubei, interviewed on 12th at 23:00, released on 13th 01:40)
  61. Hu Linzheng (Hunan, released on 12th 06:00, phone was installed with app by the authority)
  62. Wen Donghai (Hunan,taken away on 12th around 19:00, with summon, suspicion of picking quarrels and provoking troubles, released on 13th around 02:00)
  63. Guo Xiongwei (Hunan)
  64. Chen Nanshi (Hunan)
  65. Wang Haijun (Hunan, interviewed twice on 13th)
  66. Shi Fulong (Hunan)
  67. Yang Jinzhu (Hunan, summoned for the fourth time on 15th, previously on 11th in early morning and at 14:00, as well as on 14th 10:25)
  68. Yang Xuan (Hunan)
  69. Zhang Zhongshi (Hunan)
  70. Luo Qian (Hunan)
  71. Lu Fangzhi (Hunan)
  72. Zhang Yujuan (Hunan)
  73. Cai Ying (Hunan, interviewed on 14th, asked about Xie Yang)
  74. Yang Rui (Hunan)
  75. Long Langben (Hunan, interviewed on 14th)
  76. Jiang Yongji (Gansu)
  77. Ceng Weichang (Yuannan)
  78. Liu Wenhua (Yuannan)
  79. Yang Mingkua (Yuannan)
  80. Wang Zongyue (Guizhou)
  81. Li Guisheng (Guizhou)
  82. Zhou Lixin (Guizhou, Fengrui Law Firm, taken to Guiyang Police Station on 12th 16:00, now released)
  83. Chen Jianguo (Guizhou, interviewed on 14th)
  84. Zou Lihui (Fujian)
  85. Chen Xuemei (Fujian, interviewed on 13th)
  86. Liu Zhengqing (Guangdong)
  87. Wu Kuiming (Guangdong)
  88. Ge Yongxi (Guangdong, taken away by police on 11th at 21:20, released on 12th at 01:56)
  89. Chen Wuquan (Guangdong, police looked for him on 14th 01:40)
  90. Ge Wenxiu (Guangdong, interviewed on 11th and 13th, warned by the national security agents for the third time on 15th)
  91. Chen Keyun (Guangdong,interviewed on 13th 17:00)
  92. Chen Jinxue (Guangdong, interviewed on 13th and 14th afternoon)
  93. Wu Zhenqi (Guangdong)
  94. Wang Quanping (Guangdong, interviewed on 12th and 14th)
  95. Wen Yu (Guangdong, interviewed on 13th)
  96. Cui Xiaoping (Shenzhen)
  97. Xu Dejun (Shenzhen)
  98. Zhu Jinhui (Shenzhen)
  99. Pang Kun (Shenzhen, taken to Luo Gang Police Station on 13th 16:00, released on 14th 00:15)
  100. Tan Yongpei (Guangxi)
  101. Yang Zaixin (Guangxi, National Security came to his home on 14th)
  102. Wu Hui (Guangxi, received request for interview on 14th)
  103. Wu Liangshu (Guangxi, received request for interview on 14th)
  104. Huang Chaohui (Guangxi, received request for interview on 14th)
  105. Qin Chenshou (Guangxi)
  106. Pang Xinxiang (Guangxi, received request for interview on 15th)
  107. Zhang Jiankang (Shanxi)
  108. Li Fangping (Beijing, taken away for the second time in Jiangxi Pingxiang on 12th at 07:30, returned home at 21:30)
  109. Li Yuhan (Liaoning)
  110. Chen Jiangang (Beijing)

50 Others (non-lawyers)

  1. Zhou Qing (Beijing, driver of Fengrui Law Firm)
  2. You Yuping (volunteer of Xiyuan Action, Beijing)
  3. Bao Mengmeng (Wang Yu's son, Beijing)
  4.  Feng Bin (Beijing, held under control at Fengrui Law Firm)
  5. Yuan Li (Beijing,taken away for interview on 10th noon, released at 21:00, questioned about Laomu)
  6. Jia Qi (Beiing, Kao La's roommate, taken away on 10th, released on same day)
  7. Li Xuehui (Beijing, interviewed on 10th and 13th)
  8. Li Xiaoling (Beijing, was searched by the Zhuhai national security agents for interview on 15th)
  9. Du Yanlin (Beijing, taken to police station on 14th 16:00, released on 19:00)
  10. Wu Wenjian(Beijing)
  11. Xiang Li (Beijing, interviewed on 12th afternoon)
  12. Tian Weidong (net-name Jin Youyuan, Beijing, summoned on 14th for picking quarrels and proviking troubles)
  13. Lei Shang (Beijing, interviewed on 15th)
  14. Zheng Jianhui (Tianjin, taken away by police on 12th 16:00 till 13th 04:00)
  15. Lan Wuyou (Henan)
  16. Hou Shuai (Henan)
  17. Lu Qiumei (Shandong, summoned on 12th at 13:00)
  18. Xu Zhihan (Shandong Jinan, was taken away Jinan to Henan from on 11th at 04:55, released on 14th 10:30)
  19. Li Fawang (Shanxi, taken away on 11th 04:00, released on 13th 11:00)
  20. Li Dawei (Gansu)
  21. Yufu (Wang Fulei, Shenzhen, was taken away in Shanghai, now safe)
  22. Yang Qinheng (Shanghai, taken away on 14th 10:15, released at 20:30)
  23. Wang Fazhan (Dangshan, Shanghai, taken away on 14th 12:10, released on 16:05)
  24. Lu Zhenping (Jiangsu Nantong, interviewed on 13th)
  25. Shan Lihua (Jiangsu Nantong, interviewed on 14th, and again on 15th 16:30)
  26. Qu Hua (Jiangsu Nantong, interviewed on 13th)
  27. Zhang Xiuqin (Jiangsu Nantong, interviewed on 13th)
  28. Hu Cheng (Jiangzu Changsu, interviewed on 13th)
  29. Gu Xiaofeng (Jiangzu Changsu, interviewed on 13th)
  30. Jiang Chun (Xu Zhengbiao, Jiangsu Nanjing, interviewed on 14th 15:00)
  31. Ge Jueping (Ben Bo, Jiansu Suzhou, surrounded by police at home on 14th 13:00)
  32. Pan Lu (Suzhou, Jiangsu, interviewed by national security agents on 14th)
  33. Yao Qin (Suzhou, Jiangsu, taken away on 14th 17:30, released at 22:34)
  34. Zhen Jianghua (Guangdong, taken away at 21:20 10th, released on 3am 11th )
  35. Xiao Yuhui (Guangzhou, Guangdong, interviewed twice on 13th and 14th)
  36. Wang Aizhong (Guangzhou, interviewed on 13th 16:30, released at around 20:00)
  37. Chen Ronggao (Zuixialaogao, Guangzhou, interviewed on 13th 15:00, returned home at night)​
  38. Jia Pin (Guangzhou, Guangdong, interviewed on 15th 11:00, forcibly expelled from Guangdong)
  39. Yuan Guozhi (Guangdong)
  40. Huang Yuzhang (Guangxi, taken away by police on 14th 20:30. Released at 23:30)
  41. Tan Aijun (Guangxi, interviewed on 15th at around 16:00)
  42. You Jingyou (Fujian, interviewed on 13th afternoon)
  43. You Minglei (Fujian, interviewed on 13th, returned in the afternoon)
  44. Dai Zhenya (Fujian)
  45. Yu Hongming (Fujian)
  46. Pan Xidian (Fujian, interviewed on 12th, returned at midnight)
  47. You Jinxu (Fujian)
  48. Ou Biaofeng (Hunan, interviewed on 13th 16:00, taken to police station for statement, returned home at 20:30, interviewed again later)
  49. Huang Zhiping (net-name Huang Yijian, Hunan, interviewed on 14th night)
  50. Wei Defeng (Lawyer Xie Yang's assistant, Hunan, taken away on 11th 05:40, released)
  51. Two family members of lawyer You Feizhu (Chongqing, summoned on 14th)

Search and Confiscation

  1. Fengrui Law Firm
  2. Lawyer Li Jinxing's office (NGO Xiyuan Action Office)
  3. Lawyer Li Heping's office in Beijing


Statistics by Region  (ArrestedInterviewed)
Beijing 34 (14/20)
Tianjin 4 (1/3)
Hebei 3 (0/3)
Henan 9 (0/9)
Guangdong 23 (3/20)
Guangxi 11 (2/9)
Hubei 1 (0/1)
Hunan 19 (1/18)
Shanxi (山西)(1 (0/1)
Shandong 21 (2/19)
Heilongjiang 1 (0/1)
Gansu 2 (0/2)
Yunnan 3 (0/3)
Guizhou 5 (1/4)
Fujian 8 (0/8)
Jiangxi 1 (0/1)
Anhui 1 (0/1)
Shanxi (陝西) 1(0/1)
Liaoning 2 (1/1)
Shanghai 12 (3/9)
Jiangsu 13 (2/11)
Zhejiang 6 (0/6)
Sichuan 3 (1/2)
Chongqing 6 (0/6)



[i] Criminal Detention: The names in this list are all criminally detained but their locations and charges are unknown. According to China’s Criminal Procedural Law, when police detains someone, they have to present a warrant. They should immediately send the detainee to the detention centre within 24 hours. Unless the family cannot be notified or the detainee is in suspicion of endangering national security crimes, terrorist activities and such notification would impede the investigation, within 24 hours, the family of the detainee should be notified. If the circumstances that would impede the investigation has stopped, the family of the detainee should be immediately notified.

[ii] ““Residential surveillance" is prescribed in the PRC criminal procedure law (CPL, articles 64, 69, 72-75). Article 73 of the CPL states that “Residential confinement shall be executed at the residence of a criminal suspect or defendant; or may be executed at a designated residence if the criminal suspect or defendant has no fixed residence. Where execution of residential confinement at the residence of a criminal suspect or defendant in a case regarding compromising national security, terrorist activities, or extraordinarily significant bribery may obstruct criminal investigation, it may be executed at a designated residence with the approval of the people's procuratorate or public security authority at the next higher level. However, residential confinement may not be executed at a place of custody or a place specially used for handling cases.” According to our experience, the coercive measures would lead to torture easily.