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Human Rights Lawyers in China

大陸執業律師被打壓: 最新數據

The most important Chinese holiday, is naturally Lunar New Year. While you are preparing for your festive dinner, please do not forget the human rights lawyers in Mainland China. Some human rights lawyers taking up "sensitive" cases or participate in June 4th commemoration faced criminal charges or sentencing or were disbarred. 13 human rights lawyers have been criminal charged in 2014 alone, namely Pu Zhiqiang, Chang Boyang, Ji Laisong, Liu Shihui, Wang Quanping, Xu Zhiyong, Ding Jiaxi, Tang Jingling, Yu Wensheng, Qu Zhenhong, Xia Lin, Guo Feixiong, Cai Ying. In addition to being disbarred, the Department of Justice often unlawfully intervene and pressurize the law firms, forcing lawyers to drop the sensitive cases etc. [1]

Download the list of criminally charged lawyers:
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Download the list of lawyers that are interfered from ordinary practice:
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We urge the Chinese government:
1. implement laws to protect the rights of citizens, ensure that they have unrestricted access to their family and lawyers during detention.
2. protect the personal freedom of citizens, if there is no evidence proving a person's guilt, he should be release immediately.
3. Fulfill the promise of "rule of law" and stop any unlawful interference to law firms and persecutions to lawyers
We urge the bar associations:
take up the legal responsibility to safeguard their members, investigate, stop or correct the breaches of lawyers' rights

[1] According to the Department of Justice's "Measures for the Administration of lawyers," The Department has no right to ask a law firm to dismiss any lawyer or to prohibit them from hiring new ones. In addition, the Department cannot unreasonably stop any lawyer from changing to a new firm.