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《Looking for Our Dear Kao La》

《Looking for Our Dear Kao La》


Sometimes I am awed by the wonderful creation of the internet, no matter where we are, we get to meet interesting friends.

And I and Kao La, this little girl born in 1990 was met on the internet.

Back then, I have never met her in person, we just started chatting in a Weixin group, talking about random things. I onlyknew she was a paralegal at the time.

Soon I had an opportunitu to meet her, she was on holiday in the city where I was. So immediately we met for dinner and I was somewhat nervous about meeting her for the first time, but Kao La was just the opposite, slowly we began to talk a lot and talked about some values and views about the world, and I learnt that she started participating in charitable activities in university. I learnt that there are many youngsters in the university who are willing to participate and have their voices heard in the university campus, I have come to realize that the public has some misconception of the youngsters born in the 1990s, they are in fact very active in joining charitable activities.

As for legal work, I think it is very consistent with the personality of Kao La. She is free-spirited, she doesn't like to be bound, even though she is young, she knows what she wants to do with her life, thus ordinary office work cannot fully utilize her potential.

To her, first, it is a job, second, it is a job that she is good at and one that challenges her. Moreover, law is the tool to safeguard justice and help the vulnerable. Her choice benefits her in these 3 ways, she helps herself while she help others.

Because of her straightforward and honest character the first time we met, she left a very good impression and I felt that she is an extraordinary girl~


Soon we met for the second time.  I took her to see a film about the Armenian massacre.  In this movie, there was a woman who had been forcibly made homeless, did not have enough food to eat and was on her death bed.  When she finally found her relatives she said that God was not benevolent in the slightest. 


But Kaola had her own opinion, she saw this as God’s test of devout believers, in those moments of suffering your belief should be stronger, because this is God’s choice.  Following this, she explained to me some of the sermons a pastor had preached in church and the things she learnt by reading bible. To be honest, this really allowed me to gain a new perspective on a lot of things and was rather beneficial. 


It is more than 30 days since July 10th when she was arrested and brought to a detention centre yet lawyers and even her parents do not have the right to meet with her, because the authorities have charged her on suspicion of a unwarranted  crime. To me and all her friends, it’s like she’s a missing person, we want to find her but there is no where to start. 


Although I am not very familiar with the law but, regardless of the case type, is producing an arrest notice and providing lawyers with concrete information not a citizen’s legal right?


We really want to know how she is in the detention centre.  Is it clean? Is the food good? Are you sleeping well? Are the police making things difficult for her? Are any of them bullying her?  We really hope that her faith will allow her to keep going and not manipulated by fate.


Our request is very simple, we hope that the government authorities will act within the law and allow us the right to know information, why is the disclosure of information obviously possible but not transparent like the internet? This comes at the expense of her basic human rights. 


Having said this, I guess a lot of people like me really admire this girl, she is among those born in the 1990s that do not follow the mainstream, instead she has independent thinking which shocks me and inspired me. Knowing her is a wonderful part of our lives.   


We pray that all people can find such a friend and that we will not be afraid of all the misfortune, rather that we will actively strive for every opportunity to resolve this.  At the same time, we would be grateful if everybody could show concern for her bitter experience and voice out for  all the innocent persons who have lost their freedom!


Recent photo taken on July 7th

Kaola’s Friend: Daidai