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[‘709 Crackdown’] Latest data and development of cases as of 1800 18 March 2016

As of 18:00 18 March 2016, at least 317 lawyers, law firm staff, human right activists and family members have been questioned, summoned, forbidden to leave the country, held under house arrest, residential surveillance, criminally detained, arrested or missing.


Statistics by category*:

(Download PDF of the 317 names)

  • Officially arrested: 21 persons
  • Criminally detained: 1 persons
  • Enforced disappearance: 2 persons
  • Unclear criminal compulsory measure: 4 persons
  • Released on bail: 9 persons
  • House arrest: 1 person
  • Forbidden to leave the country: 36 persons
  • Temporarily detained, forcibly questioned/ summoned (released/ safe now): 267 persons

* 22 individuals are listed under two categories; 1 individual is listed under three categories


28 lawyers or activists detained or under incommunicado situation*:

(Download Case details PDF)

Formally Arrested21

  • Ÿ   10 Lawyers:①Zhou Shifeng周世锋②Wang Yu王宇③Wang Quanzhang王全璋④Li Heping李和平⑤Xie Yanyi谢燕益⑥Xie Yang谢阳⑦Bao Longjun包龙军⑧Li Chunfu李春富⑨Li Shuyun李姝云⑩Liu Sixin刘四新
  • Ÿ   2 Lawyer’s Assistant:①Zhao Wei赵威 (Kaola考拉)②Gao Yue高月
  • Ÿ   1 Law Firm Staff:①Wu Gan吴淦(Tufu屠夫)
  • Ÿ   8 Other Citizens:①Gou Hongguo 勾洪国(Ge Ping戈平) ②Liu Yongping刘永平 (Laomu老木)③Lin Bin林斌 (Monk Wang Yun望云和尚)④Hu Shigen胡石根⑤Yin Xu’an尹旭安⑥Wang Fang王芳⑦Zhang Chongzhu张崇助 ⑧Zhang Weihong张卫红(Zhang Wanhe张皖荷)


  • Ÿ   11 Subverting State Power:①Zhou Shifeng周世锋②Wang Yu王宇③Wang Quanzhang王全璋④Li Heping李和平⑤Li Chunfu李春富⑥Li Shuyun李姝云⑦Liu Sixin刘四新⑧Zhao Wei 赵威(Kaola考拉)⑨Gou Hongguo勾洪国(Ge Ping戈平)⑩Liu Yongping刘永平 (Laomu老木)⑪Hu Shigen胡石根
  • Ÿ   5 Inciting Subversion of State Power:①Xie Yanyi谢燕益②Xie Yang谢阳③Bao Longjun包龙军④Wu Gan吴淦(Tufu屠夫)⑤Lin Bin林斌 (Monk Wang Yun望云和尚)
  • Ÿ   1 Assisting in the Destruction of Evidence:①Gao Yue高月
  • Ÿ   2 Picking Quarrels and Provoking Troubles:①Yin Xu’an尹旭安②Wang Fang王芳
  • Ÿ   1 Stealing, Spying, Buying, and Illegally Providing State Secrets and Intelligence to Entities Outside of China: ①Zhang Chongzhu张崇助
  • Ÿ   1 Gathering a crowd to disturb public order & Picking Quarrels and Provoking Troubles:①Zhang Weihong张卫红(Zhang Wanhe张皖荷)


Criminally detained: 1

  • Ÿ   1 Lawyer:①Zhang Kai张凯


Enforced Disappearance2

  • Ÿ   2 Other Citizens:①Xing Qingxian幸清贤②Tang Zhishun唐志顺


Unclear Compulsory Criminal Measures4

  • Ÿ   4 Other Citizens:①Zhai Yanmin翟岩民②Liu Xing刘星 (Laodao老道) ③Li Yanjun李燕军④Yao Jianqing姚建清


Updates (05/03/2016 – 18/03/2016)

  1. On 1 March 2016, lawyer Li Yuhan, the defense lawyer of Wang Yu, was told by the Tianjin Police Li Bin, that Wang had pleaded guilty and was willing to cooperate with the police to dismiss the lawyers who were entrusted by her family.
  2. On 16 March 2016, Gao Yue’s mother was told by the Tianjin Police Li Bin by telephone that if only Gao’s mother dismissed lawyer Wang Fei and Li Guobei, the new lawyers, appointed by the government, would get Gao released on bail.
  3. So far, only Wang Quanzhang’s and Xie Yang’s family or lawyers were informed of the one-month extension of detention period by the police when they made requests. The police said they had no obligation to inform families about this.
  4. Zhao Wei’s mother was warned by three policemen at home on 7 March, 2016 not to contact any human rights lawyers or to co-sign any open letters, otherwise Zhao Wei’s case would get worse.
  5. Wang Quanzhang’s wife learned that on 10 March 2016, the local village chief of her hometown was questioned by the police of Qingdao City, Shandong Province about Wang Quanzhang’s case, and they also told Wang’s wife that they had noticed articles she publicized online.
  6. On 17 March 2016, updates on lawyer Zhou Shifeng were disclosed to public by CHRLCG according to credible sources – Zhou claims he has never pleaded guilty, and was not aware that he had been shown on CCTV for confession; Zhou claims he would never accept any lawyer appointed for him by the public security bureau, since he has his own law firm and he knows many lawyers from other law firms; Zhou notes that he has provided legal advice and assisted in preparing legal documents for inmates, an act forbidden by the detention center, and inmates are not allowed to talk to Zhou; Zhou experienced solitary confinement, but he is in fair health condition and is relatively better taken care of in terms of living expenses and food.
  7. Lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan’s son’s application for passport was refused for the fourth time on March 7, 2016.
  8. The office of Beijing Fengrui Law Firm was taken over by the lord because of the arrears of rent, and other 50 lawyers and staff in this law firm are not able to take up legal cases or to transfer to other law firms because the Beijing Bureau of Justice says that it would be subject to the approval of their “superior”.
  9. So far, only Wang Fang has been allowed to meet with her lawyer.
  10. The procuratorate, as the supervising organ of the public security bureau, has been ignoring numerous complaints made by the defense lawyers. None of the complaints so far have been dealt with.
  11. On 9 March 2016, pastor Zhang Chongzhu was officially arrested before which he was put under residential surveillance at police-designated location and then criminal detention.
  12. In early March 2016, professor Chen Taihe was released and moved to the United States.
  13. The procuratorate is now reviewing Wang Fang’s and Yin Xu’an’s case to decide whether or not to make an official indictment.