A Statement to Condemn the Hunan Authorities For its other attempt to conduct media trial against Jiang Tianyong

Statement on Torture and Inhuman Treatments against Lawyers in Detention

Statement for “The Day of Endangered Lawyers” dedicated to the lawyers in China in 2017

A Joint Statement by Groups in Hong Kong and Taiwan: 10 Days after the Disappearance of Human Rights Lawyer Jiang Tianyong

﹝Fwd﹞An Open Letter to Mr. Xi Jinping by the 709 families

(Fwd) A Message from the China Human Rights Lawyers for its 3rd Anniversary

(Fwd) A Joint Statement by the 709 Families for Mid-Autumn Festival

Statement: Call on the Chinese Government to repeal the Convictions Against Hu Shigen, Zhou Shifeng, Zhai Yuanmin and Gou Hongguo

Statement on Lawyer Wang Yu’s Release on Bail and Her Confession

(Press Release) Letter to Xi Jinping sent by post